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Bishop Charles E Young Bio suit profile

, Known to many as a man of impeccable character and integrity in the things of God, Bishop Charles Young is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center. Early in his assignment as a shepherd in the Kingdom of God he adopted the adage “if you build the people of God, they will build the Kingdom of God.” This epiphany was divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit and is reflected in the members and leaders, under Bishop Young’s leadership, who are passionate about Kingdom work. His ministry has been characterized as reaching the whole man – body, Bishop Charles Youngsoul and spirit. This approach to ministry has been a focal point in the 16 years of his pastorate.


Because Bishop Young is a visionary with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he has led

Deliverance Tabernacle in facilitating outreach ministries that encompass many facets of spiritual development in a kingdom manner. He is also a man of great faith and obedience. Bishop Young’s beginning in ministerial leadership originates in his role many years ago as assistant pastor at Pentecostal Temple C.O.G.I.C. He served under the leadership of his father, Bishop John David Young, Sr., who at the time was the Jurisdictional Prelate of the Northwest Florida Jurisdiction. Several years into that assignment, God spoke to Pastor Young that it was time for him to build a ministry. Because he is a man of God that believes all things must be done decently and in order, he sought the blessing of his father for release, and the rest is history.


Bishop Young’s affection for lost souls, especially young adults who struggle to find their way, led him to first establish a Christian Club for young adults in December of 1997. The Lord quickly reminded him that he was to build a church! He had no idea that 16 of those young people patronizing the Christian club would attend the first service on January 1, 1998 and become the foundation of members and leaders for Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center. Those 16 members have now grown to over 1000 members across 2 locations. Pastor Charles Young was duly consecrated a Bishop in the Lord’s Church in 2011 fulfilling validating his work as a “Pastor of Pastors" (he had been mentoring many other shepherds for years previously). Pastors all across the nation now consult him due to the tremendous growth, development, and principles that are reflected in his ministry.


Bishop Charles Young has established churches, founded DT Preparatory Academy (a Christian School), childcare centers, “ministry, and a ministerial alliance program that has produced several pastors, allowing duplication of his spirit of excellence for the benefit of the Kingdom! His greatest ministry is that of a devoted husband to Lady Shaunda (for 20+ years) and loving father to three sons, Joseph, Damarius, and Ladarion.

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