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Men’s Department


The Men’s Department is the collective group composed of all adult male church members.  The department functions to build men in several different areas.  The spiritual aspect of manhood is served by regular fellowships of prayer and supplication through God’s Word.  The Men’s Department leads the fourth Sunday Evening Service every other month at 6:00 p.m.; meets every Monday evening at 6:00 p.m. for spiritual development and prayer; and monthly on the third Saturday at 8:00 a.m. for fellowship breakfast.  The physical aspect of manhood is served through educational seminars and group discussions on business, finance, family, health, and social issues from a Christian perspective.  The department is governed by an Executive Board and has the following groups within the auxiliary:  Advisory Board, Prayer, Men’s Home and Foreign Mission, Church Fathers, Young Men’s Christian Council (ages 18-40), Christian Men’s Council (ages 41+), Business and Professional Men’s Federation (BPMF) , and Public Relations Committee.


Women’s Department


The Women’s Department is the collective group composed of all adult female church members.  The department functions to build women in several different areas. 


The spiritual aspect of womanhood is served by regular fellowships of prayer and supplication through God’s Word.  The Women’s Department ministers during our Sunday Worship Service quarterly. 


The physical aspect of womanhood is served through educational seminars and group discussions on business, finance, family, health, and social issues from the Christian woman’s point of view.  The department meets regularyly every Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. for Women’s prayer; and bimonthly on the second Friday at 7:00 p.m. for ladies’ night out.  The Women’s Department plans occasional trips and retreats to foster sisterhood and bonding.

The department is governed by and Executive Board and is supported by the following groups within the auxiliary:  Advisory Board, Christian Women’s Council, Young Women’s Christian Council, Mother’s Board, Women’s Home & Foreign Mission, Business & Professional Women’s Federation, Public Relations, and Artistic Fingers.

The focus of the Women’s department is to train and develop women to effectively operate in their roles as leaders who set the atmosphere in the home, community, and within the Body of Christ.


Executive Board

The Executive Board is the governing board in the Department of Women.  Board members are nominated by the President and approved by the Senior Pastor (or Elder’s Council as directed by the Senior Pastor).  This board is comprised of women who are zealous, energetic, and able to promote the vision of the leader.  Members of this board should possess the necessary administrative abilities to assist the department president in directing the business of Men’s Ministry.  These women will serve as the President’s representative delegation to answer the call of the Senior Pastor, Board of Directors, and other church leading officials.  This group must strive to consistently maintain the trust and confidence needed to work effectively with the leader.  The women who serve on the Executive Board must be passionate about Women’s Ministry.


Advisory Board

The Advisory Board serves as the second highest board in the Department of Women.  Board members are nominated by the department President and approved by the Senior Pastor (or Elder’s Council as directed by the Senior Pastor).  These women are knowledgeable and experienced in women’s work.  As such, they are capable of giving wise counsel to the department president as well as recommendations to strengthen the department.  The Advisory Board works in harmony with all department auxiliaries as strong supporters of the President’s vision and department programs.



Church Mothers – The role of the Church Mothers is indeed one of great importance and a must for a growing church.  It is only proper for women to teach things that women should know.  Today, it is the uttermost importance for women to be taught by Church Mothers.  The Church Mothers should be women who are full of the spirit, sound minded, and full of wisdom.  They are respected and appreciated in their homes, churches & communities.  The Senior Pastor trusts them to give guidance to the women ministry.


Christian Women’s Council – This auxiliary is comprised of all women who are 41 years of age and older.  These women have lived life and are entering of phase where they are settled in the purpose and call that God has for them.  This auxiliary focuses on conducting women’s business with efficiency and excellence.  These Zion Women educate others in holy living and saintly living.  As established women, they focus promote Godly standards in church behavior, community relationships, homebuilding, and personal development to win souls. They are a beacon of light for the department, mentor the Young Women’s Christian Council, and are instrumental in helping to take the pulse of the Women’s Department.


Young Women’s Christian Council – This auxiliary is comprised of all women between 18 and 40 years of age. These women are in the prime of life and have the energy and zeal to accomplish the tasks set by the department leadership through dedicated Christian service.  This group is focused on personal and spiritual development to ensure they mature wholesomely as Christian women.  They form a support group to act as sisters’ keeper one for another to foster accountability as they grow into the mantle of auxiliary leadership. These sisters are lovers of their own husbands, Ministers, Minister’s wives, and mighty Women of Zion. There is no limit to what this group can accomplish when well organized.


Intercessory Team-This auxiliary will focus on the spirituality of women. The women of this group will continually strengthen other women to work in ministry while bringing about healing and advance communication with God. Prayer isn’t limited to the group that meets, but intercession is made for the unsaved, supplication made for the body of Christ, church leadership, and community & national leaders abroad. Prayer time has been established but not limited to 6:00pm each Tuesday .


Women’s Home & Foreign Mission-In Matthew 25:24-35, Jesus clearly states that we will have to stand before him & give an account of our stewardship toward the hungry, naked & homeless. The mission’s obligation will be to assist in the procurement of medical supplies and aid for the sick & shut-in. Transportation to doctor appointments, acquisition of religious literature, and visiting extended care facilities all fall within the scope of this auxiliary. Sponsoring the needy in the homeland & abroad is also a part of this mission.


Business and Professional Women Federation- The Business and Professional Women Federation Is designated to perpetuate biblical principles & standards among business and professional women. Women in this unit serve as mentors & role models for young women, who aspire to be business professionals.


Some of their objectives include the following:


1.  Exemplify holiness as a way of life in the church, community and career.
2.  Sponsor and coordinate seminars, workshops and forums for the purpose of networking and mentorship.
3.  Promote excellence, encourage educational pursuits and facilitating socio-economic advancement.
4.  Facilitate financial support and counsel with creative fundraising projects that magnify the role and impact of Christian business and professional women alike.
5.  Provide financial sponsorship for young women through the establishment of scholarships.


Artistic Fingers – The Artistic Fingers Auxiliary is comprised of women who are gifted with the creative anointing to use their hands to produce works that exemplify skill and passion in arts and crafts.  “Give her of the fruit of her hands; and let her own works praise her in the gates.” Prov 31:31 These women allow their artistic gifts to make room for them and mentor other sisters in producing quality fashion, furniture, jewelry, home decorations, etc.  They provide pass on vital skills and wisdom that enables women to beautifully enrich their families, homes, and church in a practical and economic manner.  These women are a true gift to the body of Christ.


Public Relations – The Public Relations Committee is vital to the Department of Women. Its function is to establish, promote and maintain good will between the Department and the public. Public Relations, with guidance from the leader, should ensure that proper stage setting, size, seating on the platform and in other designated areas of the church are made. Other duties of the Public Relations Committee include but are not limited to the following:


1.  Issue of News Releases.
2.  Effective marketing of department events.
3.  Video and photo journalism for a living record.
4.  Coordinate press releases in cooperation with Program Committees.
5.  Publicize and promote activities and programs in a manner that will generate interest that all delegates and the public will want to attend.



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"DT Covenant Keepers"

The "DT Covenant Keepers" is the church Marriage Enrichment Ministry, comprised of all married couples within the Deliverance Tabernacle family.  The Auxiliary assists the Senior Pastors fulfill their God-given vision to promote the first institution ordained by God.  Families are the core cells of the church body and marriage is the foundation of the family structure according to God’s plan.  The married couples who serve as an advisory board in this department are anointed with gifts and talents that equip couples with tools to handle the challenges that come with making “twain become one flesh." The Marriage Enrichment Ministry facilitates the network of married couples, who edify one another through fellowships, seminars, outings, and marriage retreats that focus on building strong, healthy, fulfilling marriages.  The Marriage Enrichment Ministry meets bimonthly for social gathering and ventures on an annual marriage retreat in late Spring to early Summer.

DT Singles Ministry Banner


SINGLES Ministry are here to provide a place in the church where our single adults can work within a ministry of "Whole Kingdom Builders". Even the apostle Paul understood that there is POWER in singleness (I Cor: 7:32). The purpose of our ministry is to help singles harness their ministry power in Christ.

SINGLES MINISTRY is here to address the needs and concerns, joys and challenges, questions and input of the single and single-again people all around us. In order to better serve our single adults, we look to help support you as a whole person - whether helping to find balance in your life, addressing real and practical issues facing Christians and our world today, or in your walk with God. So, whether you are SINGLE BY CHANCE, CHANGE, OR CHOICE, and you are an unmarried adult age 18 or older, we welcome you and hope that we can help you grow in your ministry, walk with you in your fellowship, and support you in your faith journey to have a life that is as Acceptable and Pleasing to our God.

Recreational Services

The Recreational Services Department assists the Church to minister to the “whole man” by organizing leisure activities that promote unity amongst our Church family and the community.  The Recreational Services Department consists of members who are anointed with the spirit of laughter and fun.  They host competitive recreational leagues for various sports, physical health seminars, youth camps, and Family & Friends Day Picnics (held immediately after morning service on the fifth Sunday of a given month).

“Beloved, I wish above all things, that thou mayest prosper and be in HEALTH, even as thy soul prospereth.”   -III John 1:2

The department is part of the Ministry of Support under the auspices of the Diaconate and is governed by the Board of Deacons.

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