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Lady Shaunda Young



The heart of any wife is to be a great supporter of her husband. Lady Shaunda Young has been that and more for Bishop Charles Young, but there’s more to her dynamics in the Kingdom of God.

Less that a year after Deliverance Tabernacle was established, Lady Shaunda, under the vision of Bishop Charles Young, helped to establish and direct one of the most successful and sought after Child Development Centers in Pensacola, Florida. Her passion for children and souls allowed her to be a mother to not only the 
children, but the staff as well.


Her passion led her to build a women’s prayer time on Tuesday evenings in which they have witnessed powerful movements of God that include the filling of the Holy Spirit, healings and life changing experiences for all who are involved.


Lady Shaunda also operates under an entrepreneurial spirit, but she also has a flair for decorating that is reflected in all of the buildings on the Deliverance Tabernacle Christian campuses.

She is a passionate and understanding Woman of Zion who always says “don’t forget where you came from” when dealing with those who are bound in sin. She truly carries the heart of God.


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