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For nearly 20 Years Deliverance Tabernacle has been a staple of the Pensacola Community. From being a teen club to growing to 3 Campuses DT has been blessed to serve God’s people. 


Our Story.

         Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center, affectionately known as “DT”, is characterized as one of the hardest working churches in Pensacola, Florida. DT was originally designated, as a Christian Club for young adults, by Bishop Charles Young, in December of 1997. On January 1, 1998, he held the first church service. Sixteen of those who attended the club became saved and filled with the Holy Spirit; they also became the first members and diligently worked along side of Bishop Young, to build what is now Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center.

Bishop and Lady Young, their three boys and sixteen members, produced a church on the principle that if you build the people, they will build the Kingdom of God. The evidence is strongly apparent by the fruits of our ministry.

The facility the church began in, at 9420 Music Lane, was a workout gym that members renovated with their own hands. Within the ten years that DT has been established, we’ve purchased over 15 acres of land that includes the building of our sanctuary, Family Life Center, the Soul Center, and other properties. We currently serve as one church, in two different locations, with the establishment of Deliverance Tabernacle Christian Center, located at 5470 Dogwood Drive, in Milton, Florida. Since its conception, this location has been able to maintain itself due to the efforts of our Department of Evangelism, which goes out into the neighborhoods on any given Saturday. Our Department of Evangelism also does the same in Pensacola, holding events that reach out to the community and draw other churches together to reach lost souls.

As a result of DT being built on the principle of building people, Bishop Young has established ministries that cover every area, such as our Recreation Ministry for the physical man, in which we hold basketball, softball, baseball, flag football, cheerleading, and other leagues; Kingdom Finance Classes for economical health and others, such as Men’s, Women’s, Teens, Youth, Marriage and Singles ministries. We also have a ministerial alliance that produces exceptional proclaimers and teacher of the gospel, several who are now pastors, even as far as Puerto Rico.






DT Students is the student ministry of our church for grades 6–12. Students are an integral part of the Church. We know the teenage years can be some of the most challenging and formative in a person’s life. We create environments that value teenagers and help them discover for themselves who Jesus is, and what a relationship with him looks like



Experience authentic praise and worship, where the sound of music commands God's presence to shift the atmosphere. Brokenness and fear are transformed into wholeness and confidence, as our talented ensemble performs songs to the cadence of God's anointing every Sunday. 





Our Media Team is dedicated providing a seamless and dynamic worship experience.


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