General Board of Directors

The purpose of the General Board of Directors is to serve as the chief administrators of the Church’s business affairs.  Each director is a member of the church with the exception of the President of the Board (who is the Senior Pastor).  These leaders are sanctified to specifically assist the Senior Pastor in bringing to fruition the God given vision for the church in all matters that are of a business nature.  They are not the approval authority for business matters required to fulfill the Senior Pastor’s vision; they assist in developing a suitable course of action to make that vision happen! “Not slothful in business; fervent in spirit; serving the Lord;”       -Rom 12:11

All business matters that are substantial in nature or business proposals submitted to the church are subject to board approval.  The General Board meets monthly on the third Wednesday evening at 6:00 p.m. to discuss routine business and holds an annual meeting in the month of January to discuss the vision for the coming year.  Special meetings are held as necessary to address unforeseen developments that may arise throughout the year.


Bishop Charles E. Young

Elder Kerry Rivers



Elder Tony Grandison

Co-Pastor Shaunda Young

Elder Christopher Robinson
Elder Barbara Durant

Minister Eric Ashford
Deacon James Hixon
Deaconess Glenda Frazier

Deacon Marcus Wells




The Membership Care Ministry is a group of caring, compassionate, and encouraging volunteers who help support families in time of need. Volunteer opportunities range from writing cards of encouragement, making and delivering hot meals, support group leaders, and praying for those in need.


If you would like more information about becoming a volunteer, please contact us via email.




Our Hospitality Ministry is to aid in fostering a continually welcoming environment for member, prospective members and visitors.




Our goal is to provide a safe and sensitive secure service to our parishioner's, and guests of our church by insuring adequate parking for our members and guests, as well as enable security personnel to be a visual deterrent. Securing all monetary transactions within the church building, and providing a safe holistic atmosphere within the body of DTCC.




Our desire is to provide excellence in the quality of our food and the service to our guests. By doing so, we humbly demonstrate Christian service through our staff and volunteers to the body of Christ.


DTCC's Culinary Ministry is here to provide great meals and service to our church family, but we don't want to stop there. Our wish is to use the ministry of food and service to reach out and help bridge the gap between our church and the city of Pensacola.